The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs

The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs

The Atlanta Opera

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Apple Computer founder Steve Jobs, one of the most influential people of the modern age, is transformed into a dramatic character in this compelling 2017 opera by DJ and composer Mason Bates and librettist Mark Campbell. As the character Jobs looks back on a life dappled by dizzying heights and crushing disappointments, this charismatic, hard-driving visionary confronts the complexities of life and death.

Cast in an appealing electro-acoustic soundscape generated by Mac laptop (of course) and live musicians, The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs cyles through key moments in his lifelong–and futile–pursuit of perfection and control over everything that matters to him.

Cast & Crew

(Director), (Director), (Conductor), John Moore (Steve Jobs), Sarah Larsen (Laurene Powell Jobs), Bille Bruley (Steve Wozniak), Elizabeth Sutphen (Chrisann Brennan), Adam Lau (Kobun Chino Otogawa), Daniel Armstrong (Paul Jobs), Gretchen Krupp (Teacher)

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