Swan Lake: a new choreography by Angelin Preljocaj

Swan Lake: a new choreography by Angelin Preljocaj

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  • ballet
  • 110 Mins

After his success with Snow White and Romeo and Juliet, choreographer Angelin Preljocaj decided to add his signature twist to “the Everest” of ballets; Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.

This is no ordinary Swan Lake. Preljocaj has created a new, bespoke, score by mixing Tchaikovsky’s music with contemporary arrangements, he has infused the set with sci-fi video projections by Boris Labbé, and he has given the classic storyline a modern twist.

Much of the story is the same, Prince Siegfried (Laurent Le Gall) still falls in love with the cursed princess Odette (Clara Freschel), but, in this interpretation, the classic characters have been updated. The evil Rothbart (Antoine Dubois) is not just an evil magician, he is a slimy property developer who plans to take over the world with the help of Siegfried's parents ( yes both parents).

In this contemporary production, you’ll find dancing swans, a mix of classic and contemporary music and choreography, and incredible performances from the dancers. It’s a new take on a true classic.

Cast & Crew

Celian Bruni, Clara Freschel (Siegfried's Mother), Baptiste Coissieu (Siegfried's Father), Lucile Boulay, Laurent Le Gall (Siegfried), Théa Martin (Odette / Odile), (Director), Antoine Dubois (Rothbart), Elliot Bussinet, (Choreographer)