Roses. Film-Cabaret

Roses. Film-Cabaret

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Roses. Film-Cabaret is a tragicomic musical, featuring 7 actresses of the Dakh Daughters Band, living through the pivotal moment of the 2014’ Maidan Revolution - a story of civil dignity and will being born in Ukraine, told in the language of cabaret by seven girls in white makeup and black tutus.

This political cabaret draws its magic from combining the joie de vivre and the horror of the devastating war — even if we don’t see it yet, its shadow was always there, darkened by the bright stage lights. Collective portrait of Dakh Daughters, shot on stage, in dressing rooms and on the road, paints a picture of being an artist under extreme conditions of pain and loss, realizing that during the war a natural self-defense would be creation - in terms of the art as well as motherhood.

Film shows revolution through the eyes of the artists - through the female eyes - which gives it a particular perspective: humane rather than epic, celebrating life rather than heroic deeds. Film captured the inception of what is going on in Ukraine today - incredible unity of Ukrainian people standing against the Russian assault on Ukraine, Europe, the free world.

Cast & Crew

(Director), Dakh Daughters (Themselves), Vlad Troitskiy (Self), Ruslana Khazipova (Self)

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