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In a new production for the Royal Swedish Ballet, Eskapist is an entrancing, enthralling testament to the power of dance.

Choreographed by Alexander Ekman with music from Mikael Karlsson, Eskapist revels in pushing the limits of what can be done on a stage, and the boundless potential of dance. Moving, funny, uplifting and other-worldly, this stunning production is not to be missed.

Cast & Crew

(Choreographer), (Composer), Oscar Salomonsson (Eskapist), Jonna Savioja (Tree Queen), Daria Ivanova (Cone Head), Sarah Jane Medley (Cone Head), Anton Valdbauer (You), Emily Slawski (Me), Alina Lagoas (Red Hatwoman), Joakim Adeberg (Senior Eskapist), (Director)

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