All the Little Boxes

All the Little Boxes

The Washington Ballet

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Choreographer Dana Genshaft's work ‘All the Little Boxes’ pulls on the elements of movement, music, lighting and costume design to create a ‘world’ on stage in which the characters of the work are confined to their own personal bubbles or boxes. Each character is focused on their own task, boundaries and personal dramas. The piece is a non-narrative work with a strong emotional arc that brings the dancers out of their isolated and rigid mechanical patterns into a brighter and more hopeful shared space. The balletic movement language likewise plays with the juxtaposition between human and mechanistic qualities. The tone swings from spaces that feel empty to ones that are charged and full of emotions.

Cast & Crew

(Director), (Dancer), (Choreographer), Rafael Bejarano, Nicholas Cowden, Catherine Doherty, Misha Glouchkova, Tamako Miyazaki, Stephen Nakagawa, Paolo Tarini, Harry Warshaw

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