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Commissioned by the National Cathedral as a complement to artist Michael Pendry's installation "Les Colombes (Doves)," Washington Ballet dancer and choreographer Tamás Krizsa created a site-specific pas de deux titled "Unbound." Inspired by the power and grace of Pendry's installation, dancers Onuki and Krizsa are but two doves in the flock of 2,000, having broken off to explore. Together, they find balance and comfort in each other, and as part of the flock, as they soar through the iconic nave to live music. The ballet is a physical embodiment of the themes of hope, peace, and unity that doves represent, and features the debut of a new, original score by film composer and TWB collaborator Blake Neel

Cast & Crew

(Choreographer), (Director), (Composer), Maki Onuki, Camille Miller (Violin), June Huang (Violin), Marlisa Woods (Violin)

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