Sea of Troubles

Sea of Troubles

Yorke Dance Project

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Yorke Dance Project's made-for-film production of Sir Kenneth MacMillan's Sea of Troubles breathes new life into an acclaimed classic.

In 1988, MacMillan captivated audiences with his emotionally charged interpretation of Shakespeare's Hamlet. In 2017, Yorke Dance Project revived the work, creating an atmospheric film adaptation that tastefully enhances MacMillan's vision of Hamlet's turbulent world.

Directed by the documentary director David Stewart (Horizon), this visually stunning production brings MacMillan's original choreography and costumes to the grounds of the moody Hatfield House, an English country estate built in 1611. MacMillan's achingly beautiful dance sequences have a newfound depth as Shakespeare's beloved characters move through the damp halls and misty gardens of the impressive estate.

Cast & Crew

(Director), Jane Shackleton (Producer), (Choreographer), Dane Jeremy Hurst, Romany Pajdak, Benjamin Warbis, Oxana Panchenko, Edd Mitton, Freya Jeffs, (Composer), (Composer), Darragh Morgan (Violin), Tim Gill (Cello), Mary Dullea (Piano)

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