Deluxe (2024)

Deluxe (2024)


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The BalletBoyz's acclaimed program "Deluxe" moves from stage to screen featuring a brand new company of Dancers.

"Ripple," choreographed by Shanghai-based Xi Xin, translates the mesmerizing movement of water into dance. Described by Xin as, “moving, natural and transparent. A memory like an ocean,” the piece aims to explore the movement of memory, the memory of a person, of energy, of the elements. Filmed on a stark white set blanketed with swatches of light, wafting fabric, dancers shift and flow with transfixing energy.

Inspired by Kae Tempest's poem/song "Pictures on a Screen" "Bradley 4:18," choreographed by Punchdrunk's Maxine Doyle, gives a glimpse of the many faces of Bradley - alone and awake at 4:18 am. Filmed in what looks like the aftermath of a joyless corporate celebration, the many faces of Bradley - anxious, punchy, arrogant, lost - traipse around the lifeless banquet hall in the harsh early morning light.

Cast & Crew

(Director), (Director), (Choreographer), (Choreographer), Dan Baines, Paris Fitzpatrick, Seirian Griffiths, Benji Knapper, Luigi Nardone, Alecsander Nilsson, Dominic Rocca, Kai Tomioka

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