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In 1998 Mourad Merzouki created Récital, in which the energy of hip-hop mingled with the fragile sound of violins to create a dialogue between six dancers. Hip-hop becomes an art form for him and Merzouki´s Compagnie Käfig begins to tour the world. 16 years later he unites five of his choreographer friends and thirty dancers in order to create Répertoire#1which revives the most memorable pieces of the last years and gives these pieces a continuous life while presenting their creators in their esthetic uniqueness.

This new ballet presents a piece each by Kader Attou, Anthony Égéa, Bouba Landrille Tschouda, and Marion Motin and four pieces by Mourad Merzouki to form an evening´s spectacle. The who´s who of French hip-hop repeats what has happened in the arts time and again: a popular movement is elevated to so called high art.

Cast & Crew

(Director), (Choreographer), (Choreographer), (Choreographer), (Choreographer), (Choreographer), Rémi Autechaud, Kareem Beddaoudia, Kader Belmoktar, Auréllen Chareyron

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