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Hip Hop choreographer Mourad Merzouki brings to life a new work for the technological age.

Together with his Compagnie Käfig Merzouki is credited with elevating Hip Hop, turning it into a contemporary dance form that is on par with Modern Dance or other expressions of today's dance world.

This visually stunning co-production between Merzouki and digital artists Adrien Mondot and Claire Bardainne, Pixel was inspired by the everyday confrontation with, ‘’images, video screens, digitalization. Screens surround us.’’ Dancers interact with digital projections, manipulating the synthetic world they exist in.

Cast & Crew

(Director), (Choreographer), Rémi Autechaud, Kader Belmoktar, Marc Brillant, Elodie Chan, Aurélien Chareyron, Yvener Guillaume, Amélie Jousseaume, Ludovic Lacroix

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