Prisoner C33

Prisoner C33

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IIn 1895, in cell 3, on floor 3, in Reading Gaol, we find Prisoner C33.

Step into the gripping world of Prisoner C33, where Oscar Wilde is brilliantly portrayed by Toby Stephens - famed for his roles in Die Another Day, 13 Hours, and Jane Eyre. This captivating film explores a mesmerizing narrative within the harsh confines of a Victorian prison cell.

In Prisoner C33, Wilde, once a celebrated playwright and charismatic socialite, finds himself sentenced to a harsh two-year term for his same-sex relationship, reduced to mere anonymity. Through a poignant and imaginative dialogue with his former self, this film masterfully unravels the stark contrast between Wilde's flamboyant past and his bleak present, all while infusing the narrative with Wilde's mischievous humor, razor-sharp wit, and profound wisdom. This film not only offers a captivating story but also provides a unique and insightful perspective on a pivotal chapter in Oscar Wilde's life.

Cast & Crew

(Director), (Writer), Toby Stephens (Oscar Wilde / Prisoner C33)

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