Henry V

Henry V

Donmar Warehouse

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Kit Harington (Game of Thrones) plays the title role in Shakespeare's epic story of nationalism, war, and the intricate dance of power in Henry V.

Immerse yourself in this gripping live capture, filmed from the Donmar Warehouse in London. Director Max Webster (Life of Pi) delivers a bold and modern take on a timeless classic.

Driven by ambition, King Henry V embarks on a brutal campaign to seize the French throne. In a modern setting rife with gunfire and explosive bomb blasts, the young monarch must rise to the challenge of leading his beloved Englishmen to victory while proving himself worthy of the throne.

''The diverse and immensely talented cast breathed life into the performance... Kit Harington as Henry cuts both a heroic and hateful character, perfectly encapsulating Shakespeare’s complex depiction of the king and his war.'' - Theatre Weekly

Cast & Crew

(Director), Kit Harington (Henry), Jude Akuwudike (King of France / Archbishop of Canterbury / Sir Thomas Erpingham), Seumas Begg (Jamy / Grey / Gloucester / Tenor), Claire-Louise Cordwell (Bardolph / Bates / French Soldier), Kate Duchêne (Exeter / Constable of France), Olivier Huband (The Dauphin / Ely), Melissa Johns (Mistress Quickly / Williams / MacMorris), David Judge (Mountjoy / Nym), Danny Kirrane (Pistol / Westmoreland), Diany Samba-Bandza (Katherine / Gower), Adam Maxey (Orléans / Bedford / Bass Baritone), Steven Meo (Llewellyn / Falstaff), Marienella Phillips (Alice / Cambridge / Salisbury / Mezzo Soprano), Joanna Songi (Scroop / Rambures / Harfleur / York / Soprano), Millicent Wong (Chorus / Boy)

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