Henry V

Henry V

Royal Shakespeare Company

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Gregory Doran’s production of Henry V for the Royal Shakespeare Company was praised for its “huge flair and bite” by critics and audiences alike.

The play opens after the death of Henry IV, with England in a state of unrest. Henry V must leave his rebellious youth behind and lead the nation in victory as they prepare for war against France.

Starring esteemed Shakespeare actors like Jane Lapotaire and Antony Byrne, this production was performed on the 600th anniversary year of the Battle of Agincourt, led by Henry V in one of the greatest English victories in the Hundred Years War.

Cast & Crew

Alex Hassell (King Henry V), Jane Lapotaire (Queen Isobel), Sarah Parks (Mistress Quickly), Leigh Quinn (Alice), Simon Thorp (King of France), (Director), (Writer)

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