Kreativ: A Study in Creativity by Alexander Ekman

Kreativ: A Study in Creativity by Alexander Ekman

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What is creativity? Join Award-winning choreographer Alexander Ekman as he explores the mysteries of the creative process in this fascinating documentary.

Choreographer Alexander Ekman is known for his out-of-this-world creative works like Hammer, Eskapist, and A Swan Lake. In this new documentary, Ekman explores the elusive nature of creativity by speaking to people like film director Lone Scherfig, professor Shelley Carson, choreographer Mats Ek, performance artist Marina Abramovic, Joffrey Ballet’s artistic leader Ashley Wheather, film director Tran Anh Hung, professor Linda Hill, film director Tiffany Hsiung, the CEO of the David Lynch Foundation, Bob Roth, and several others.

See creativity and the creative process from every possible angle as Ekman demonstrates his talent for creativity as he choreographs a career-defining dance piece for the Paris Opera Ballet.

Cast & Crew

(Director), Alexander Ekman (Self), Marina Abramovic (Self), Alexander Bard (Self), Shelley Carson (Self), Márten Claesson (Self), Catherine Curtin (Self), Mats Ek (Self), Linda Hill (Self), Tiffany Hsiung (Self)

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