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The Royal Ballet presents a traditional production of Coppélia based on Ninette de Valois’s 1954 production. Set to Delibes’ delightful score, Coppélia is a charming and beloved favorite for ballet fans and beginners alike.

Based on E.T.A. Hoffmann’s much darker story, ""Der Sandmann"", Coppélia is a comedic narrative ballet that tells the story of Franz (Vadim Muntagirov) who unknowingly falls in love with a doll, despite being engaged to the beautiful Swanilda (Marianela Nuñez). The doll, Coppélia, is the invention of the mad Doctor Coppélius (Gary Avis) who hopes to bring the doll to life. When Swanilda discovers that Franz’s love interest is a doll, she decides to impersonate Coppelia to win the heart of her betrothed and convinces Dr.Coppélius that his invention has come to life.

This production is full of amusing antics, folk-inspired frocks, and, of course, beautiful dancing. Watch The Royal Ballet perform charming mazurkas, delicate waltzes, like the famous Waltz of The Hours, and heel-clicking Hungarian czardas ( a harvest dance performed with scythes).

Cast & Crew

(Director), (Choreographer), Marianela Nuñez (Swanilda), Vadim Muntagirov (Franz), Gary Avis (Dr Coppélius), Christopher Saunders (The Burgomaster), Erico Montes (The Innkeeper), (Composer), Claire Calvert (Aurora)

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